In 3 steps to the flatroof access

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Made-to-measure access hatches from Roto Frank

A far better solution. Made perfect.

With access hatches the most important things are a) dimensions that are matched to individual requirements, b) functionality, and c) reliability, plus of course they must be fully wind and weather resistant. Our ability to solve problems is demonstrated in a number of ways including our fire protected products, ladders that are suitable for high ceilings, and those that are suitable for a variety of openings from the very small to the very large. Our access hatches are also available with optional accessories such as heated covers to combat snow and ice, electric drive mechanisms that ensure easy opening and closing, and handrails that offer security when climbing and descending. We are able to manufacture the individual products matched to specific requirements within just a few working days. 

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What makes our access hatches so unique?

Perfection in craftsman quality
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Climatic-proof system means locking technology from the field of window construction. The Designo and Quadro loft ladders lock tightly and reliably to Deventer window seals and Roto window fittings - 100% tested.


  • High energy efficiency
  • Durable and sustainable
  • WDL ensures airtight connection from the factory


Trio installation system without foam or adhesive. The loft ladder is inserted into the ceiling opening, and the WDL creates an airtight connection to the building structure. Simply insert the mounting screws into the pre-drilled holes and tighten them with a cordless powered screwdriver - done!


  • Time savings and ease of installation
  • Simple, secure and professional installation
  • Product quality for cover and ladder

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